Good Shepherd Education and Childcare Center

Welcome to Good Shepherd Education Center, where early education and childcare meet excellence!

Faculty & Staff

Teachers: Aides:
Cherry Gollem (PS3/5) Linda Anderson (PS3/5)
Laurie Banky (Pre-K) Maegan Stewart (Pre-K)
Shawn Chandler (The Twos) Khaya Hemsley (The Twos)
Kimberly Duncan (Preschool All Day) Lillian Hikmah (The Twos)
Chanelle Wilson (Pre-K All Day) Alexis Garner (Preschool All Day)
Lauren Rosasco (Pre-K All Day) Jalisa Young (Pre-K All Day)
  Alison Tewell (Pre-K All Day)
  Joyce Jacobs

Weekly Children's Chapel:
Pastor Laurie Gates-Ward
Administrative Assistant:
Jacki Conti
Board of Directors:
The GSEC Board of Directors holds monthly meetings and is comprised of the following individuals:
Chairman, Rod Peltzer
Director, Carolyn Carter
Pastor GSUMC, Laurie Gates-Ward
Jacki Conti
Becky D'Ambrosio
Asha Graves
Elizabeth Harrington
Liz Sinnes
Rebecca Warner